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The Advantages of Using SupaWood

SupaWood, also known as medium density fibreboard or MDF, is a wood panel product manufactured by PG Bison and widely used in wood-working and furniture construction. SupaWood is a wood-based panel constructed out of small wood fibres “glued” together with a resin, heat, and pressure. The product has excellent consistency and screw holding capability and allows for most traditional woodworking techniques.

Many wonder why one would choose these wood-based panels instead of timber; here are some of the advantages of MDF.

Save money using MDF

Medium density fibreboard is an inexpensive alternative to solid wood. It can be used for cupboard backings, chair bases and in other areas where it will not be visible to save on construction costs.

MDF does not only need to be used in places where it won’t be seen. Due to the smooth surface of the panel SupaWood is easy to paint, spray or stain to give it a finished look that suits your style and looks tasteful.

Have all the advantages of traditional wood

PG Bison’s Supawood allows for deep routing, molding, embossing, edge profiling and a number of other traditional wood working techniques which means that you can do almost anything with this product that you could have done with solid wood. What’s more is that this product comes in consistent, sanded, rectangular sheets which save you the effort of planing and sanding before you can get started on your project.

PG Bison’s SupaWood is available in a sheet size of 2750mm x 1830mm and ranges in thickness from 3mm to 30mm.

Keep Your Home Looking Great With Sand and Plaster

Home Looking Great With Sand and Plaster

Have you ever looked at a crack in the wall, or a bulge in your paving, and wondered how you’re going to fix it? For most people this is a real problem, because it is going to cost you a lot of time and money… but it doesn’t have to. With the help of your local construction material suppliers and sand suppliers you have access to two affordable materials that can make a big job so much simpler: sand and plaster.

Repair uneven paving with minimal fuss

Especially with the recent heavy rainfall in Gauteng, lots of people are having trouble with their paving. Uneven paving can be a major eyesore, and it’s pricey to get somebody in to fix it, so let your sand supplier help you do it yourself.

All you need to do is use a flat screwdriver to lift up the bricks in the affected area, as a start. Once the entire area is open you can throw down some soil and sand. Just make sure that you even it all out nicely to match up with the rest of your paving once you replace the bricks.

Once your filling is level you can start replacing the bricks. If any of them have been damaged or are looking a little worn, just grab a few replacements from a nearby construction material supplier. Once the bricks are in place you can throw some sand down again and sweep it into the gaps with a broom. Then all you need to do is spray some water over your paving, let it set, and you’re good to go!

Give your walls a happy new face

Do you have any cracks in your walls, or bricks that are looking a little worn and crumbly? Not a problem! All you need is a plaster sand supplier, or you could even get a bulk supply of plaster sand and cement from a construction material supplier. With these materials ready, you are set to mix up some plaster to give your walls a makeover.

Now, plaster can be tricky to work with, soit is advisable to hire a skilled plasterer or get solid advice from your plaster sand supplier before taking on the task yourself. Either way, the process will include cleaning any old or loose material from your wall, preparing your plaster mixture, and getting that plaster onto your wall. I’ll spare you the step-by-step on this, but you do need to make sure this is done properly to ensure results.

Once the fresh plaster has been applied you need to give it time to dry and set. Once your plaster has been evened out, dried and set, you’ll have a smooth grey surface just waiting for a coat of paint. So splash on some plaster primer and then get painting. Your creativity is your only limit from here.

The one thing all of this relies on is getting the correct materials. Do yourself a favour and make sure you find a reliable construction material supplier. Then keeping your home looking great is easy!

Crown Moulding and Baseboard Installation Guide 2018

Wide range of options, sizes and styles of baseboards and crown mouldings in Toronto can give your home a unique look, highlight and sophistication. They transform your rooms, separate the area between the walls and ceiling or floor, disguise cutting details of paper or paint and create a striking look of classic style and elegance in a modern home. Besides, it is an inexpensive way to increase the value of your home. Realtors report that homebuyers are often looking for such finishing touches when making their decision to purchase. With the advent of modern construction methods, it has become easier to find pre-made designs from a more classic Victorian look to a more streamlined modern one. Federal style or Early American style mouldings will help make your room look larger, if you have rooms with low ceilings. Wood stained mouldings offer a warm and cozy feel, while Georgian style lend your room a historical air. Colonial Revival matches high or vaulted ceilings.

Crown Moulding and Baseboard Installation 2

Some Useful Tips for Crown Moulding and Baseboard Installation:

  • Around corners and arched doorways look better with flexible polyurethane moldings.
  • To accent a ceiling of stamped metal panels is a good way with tin or aluminum crown molding.
  • Vinyl cove baseboard is an appropriate choice for a bathroom or kitchen, but not for a living room.
  • If you choose paintable molding, trim your room with a contasting colour of your wall paint to add a fresh, eye-popping look.
  • On the other hand, baseboard moulding that contrasts with floor and wall colours can draw attention to exceptional floor materials or patterns.
  • Soft and ambient light and warm, inviting space can be made with lighted crown molding.
  • If you use natural resources to add an element of beauty is possible with reclaimed timber crown molding.
  • A neat and unobtrusive way to hide cables and audio and communication wires in your home theater is to use hollow PVC crown molding.

Crown Moulding and Baseboard Installation

The choice of whether to hire a professional or DIY job is largely dependent upon your skill level and financial considerations. Both baseboard and crown molding installation requires patience, efficiency, and the correct tools. If you lack experience and woodworking skills, you may prefer to hire a contractor, for example, House Renovations company. It will save time and money plus help to ensure your project look the way you want them to.

Choosing the Right Sewer Replacement Company

Choosing the Right Sewer Replacement Company

Your sewer system is of the utmost importance when it comes to your quality of life. After all, waste removal is one of your home’s most important functions! It’s not something you want to scrimp on, and because it is such a large investment, you want to make sure the professionals you choose are up to the job. Value is an important consideration, but researching the company you choose is also important. You want a company that has experience, quality training, and great customer service. You want to find a sewer replacement company that stands behind their work and is well-versed in the latest procedures and technology. If you do you research, you can save money—not just upfront, but in the long run as well.

Far too many homeowners are focused on penny-pinching on the front end. Being frugal, however, can be a double-edged sword. While it’s critical to stay within your budget, going for the absolute cheapest company when it comes to something as pivotal as Sewer Replacement can be a big mistake. Instead of thinking only of their bottom line at the moment, homeowners should also consider the consequences they might face if their sewer replacement isn’t done correctly. Not only can it be more expensive to fix again after the fact, but a disrupted sewer line can cause almost irreversible damage to their home and/or property.

That’s why we suggest that homeowners choose their sewer replacement company based on four factors, in addition to remaining within their budget. First, it’s extremely important to make sure that your company has the right credentials. Then, if something DOES go wrong, it’s much easier to hold the company accountable. Second, are they using the best tools and technology? Third, do they have a good reputation? A business can pay for flashy marketing and name recognition, but they can’t buy a solid reputation—it has to be earned. Finally, is their customer service top notch? The way a company treats their customers says worlds about their competence.


First things first! You want to make sure that any companies you research have the right credentials. That includes being properly ensured and having the licensing appropriate for your region. Do a bit of research to find out what licenses are required for your area. Once you know that, you can contact local offices (city, county, state) to confirm that the companies on your shortlist qualify. Here are a few other things you can check:

  • The Better Business Bureau: See what their rating is, and read through any complaints and how they addressed them.
  • Side Sewer Contractor Credentials: In some cities/counties, you need a special certification to work on side sewers. If your job requires that, make sure your contractor is qualified.

Tools and Technology

Talk to the contractor about the tools and technology they use. You’ll notice that when you take the time to discuss this, it has a very real effect on how long the replacement will take as well as its cost. Google some of the technology/methods mentioned (trenchless, etc.) and you’ll find that speed, property damage, and quality are also affected by the tools and methods used in the replacement. Also, check out some tips at in order to familiarize yourself with the process and know what the contractor is talking about.


If you choose a local company—and that’s usually the best idea—ask around about other customer experiences. You can even ask the company spokesperson for referrals and references.  A company that has put a decade into building their reputation isn’t just likely to be better and more experienced that a new company. They also have more riding on every single job that they do. After all, a fly-by-night company can disappear and reappear with a new name without losing much. However, an established local institution has a lot to lose if they mess up a job.

Great Customer Service

Finally, trust your gut. Talk to the company representative, ask questions, and have them explain the process. If they are happy to engage with you, and happy to provide you with all of the information that you request, you know that they value their customers and want to provide you with quality service. If they seem more focused on having you cut a check than making sure that you’re comfortable and

How to Make Selections in Window Replacement?

How to Make Selections in Window Replacement

Everyone in this world wants to own a beautiful and comfortable living space that contains everything of their choice and preferences. From furniture to furnishings, flooring to roofing, interior décor to landscaping, they want every detail to leave an impression over others. Even, they have designs of windows and doors in mind that go well with interior as well as exterior. But, the point is do they know about window replacement and how to proceed? As a matter of fact, there are a lot of considerations that homeowners should pay attention to.

Windows are among the most important visible elements from outside. Their design and color determine the attractiveness and ability of the infrastructure to inspire others. Here, homeowners should understand that the approach for window replacement is different from one property to the other. Yes, it depends upon individual preferences, location and climatic conditions. Read more and find out how to choose an appropriate window style.

  1. Types of Windows Available

While searching around, it’s quite overwhelming to know that there is a broad range of window types available that always promise to serve with the best in every home. Here are some famous windows types:

  • Slim fixed windows
  • Hung windows
  • Casement windows
  • Sliding windows
  • Bow and bay windows
  • Awning windows
  • Architectural windows
  • Casement fixed windows

When it comes to carrying out a window replacement project, the key is to understand that the techniques and methods vary from one owner to the other. Obviously, everybody has some options and expectations that not all options could satisfy. It’s necessary to realize that different windows are intended to satisfy different needs. For instance, to have fixed windows, there are casement fixed and slim fixed windows available.

As for partially fixed, there are sliding and hung windows. When it comes to maximizing air circulation and ventilation, awning windows are the best option as they allow ample amount of air to pass through.

Living in a bigger home means that homeowners should install bow and bay or architectural windows to give a royal look. Bow and bay windows project outwards and transform the living space into a cozier and refreshing place. Architectural windows are provided with geometric shapes, including circles, curves, arches and the likes. If needed, homeowners can even customize them. One thing is quite certain that this window type gives a classy look and sense of satisfaction to the owner.

  1. Quality

Other considerable things while selecting the window type are the quality and durability of the components. They are expected to blend with home’s structure and become a beautiful part of the wall to enhance overall appeal. The material and color has to be long lasting. However, don’t worry if things are taking long to settle. Just remember that window replacement is a significant investment and everything should be done after research and analysis.

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