Choosing the Right Sewer Replacement Company

Choosing the Right Sewer Replacement Company

Your sewer system is of the utmost importance when it comes to your quality of life. After all, waste removal is one of your home’s most important functions! It’s not something you want to scrimp on, and because it is such a large investment, you want to make sure the professionals you choose are up to the job. Value is an important consideration, but researching the company you choose is also important. You want a company that has experience, quality training, and great customer service. You want to find a sewer replacement company that stands behind their work and is well-versed in the latest procedures and technology. If you do you research, you can save money—not just upfront, but in the long run as well.

Far too many homeowners are focused on penny-pinching on the front end. Being frugal, however, can be a double-edged sword. While it’s critical to stay within your budget, going for the absolute cheapest company when it comes to something as pivotal as Sewer Replacement can be a big mistake. Instead of thinking only of their bottom line at the moment, homeowners should also consider the consequences they might face if their sewer replacement isn’t done correctly. Not only can it be more expensive to fix again after the fact, but a disrupted sewer line can cause almost irreversible damage to their home and/or property.

That’s why we suggest that homeowners choose their sewer replacement company based on four factors, in addition to remaining within their budget. First, it’s extremely important to make sure that your company has the right credentials. Then, if something DOES go wrong, it’s much easier to hold the company accountable. Second, are they using the best tools and technology? Third, do they have a good reputation? A business can pay for flashy marketing and name recognition, but they can’t buy a solid reputation—it has to be earned. Finally, is their customer service top notch? The way a company treats their customers says worlds about their competence.


First things first! You want to make sure that any companies you research have the right credentials. That includes being properly ensured and having the licensing appropriate for your region. Do a bit of research to find out what licenses are required for your area. Once you know that, you can contact local offices (city, county, state) to confirm that the companies on your shortlist qualify. Here are a few other things you can check:

  • The Better Business Bureau: See what their rating is, and read through any complaints and how they addressed them.
  • Side Sewer Contractor Credentials: In some cities/counties, you need a special certification to work on side sewers. If your job requires that, make sure your contractor is qualified.

Tools and Technology

Talk to the contractor about the tools and technology they use. You’ll notice that when you take the time to discuss this, it has a very real effect on how long the replacement will take as well as its cost. Google some of the technology/methods mentioned (trenchless, etc.) and you’ll find that speed, property damage, and quality are also affected by the tools and methods used in the replacement. Also, check out some tips at in order to familiarize yourself with the process and know what the contractor is talking about.


If you choose a local company—and that’s usually the best idea—ask around about other customer experiences. You can even ask the company spokesperson for referrals and references.  A company that has put a decade into building their reputation isn’t just likely to be better and more experienced that a new company. They also have more riding on every single job that they do. After all, a fly-by-night company can disappear and reappear with a new name without losing much. However, an established local institution has a lot to lose if they mess up a job.

Great Customer Service

Finally, trust your gut. Talk to the company representative, ask questions, and have them explain the process. If they are happy to engage with you, and happy to provide you with all of the information that you request, you know that they value their customers and want to provide you with quality service. If they seem more focused on having you cut a check than making sure that you’re comfortable and