The Advantages of Using SupaWood

SupaWood, also known as medium density fibreboard or MDF, is a wood panel product manufactured by PG Bison and widely used in wood-working and furniture construction. SupaWood is a wood-based panel constructed out of small wood fibres “glued” together with a resin, heat, and pressure. The product has excellent consistency and screw holding capability and allows for most traditional woodworking techniques.

Many wonder why one would choose these wood-based panels instead of timber; here are some of the advantages of MDF.

Save money using MDF

Medium density fibreboard is an inexpensive alternative to solid wood. It can be used for cupboard backings, chair bases and in other areas where it will not be visible to save on construction costs.

MDF does not only need to be used in places where it won’t be seen. Due to the smooth surface of the panel SupaWood is easy to paint, spray or stain to give it a finished look that suits your style and looks tasteful.

Have all the advantages of traditional wood

PG Bison’s Supawood allows for deep routing, molding, embossing, edge profiling and a number of other traditional wood working techniques which means that you can do almost anything with this product that you could have done with solid wood. What’s more is that this product comes in consistent, sanded, rectangular sheets which save you the effort of planing and sanding before you can get started on your project.

PG Bison’s SupaWood is available in a sheet size of 2750mm x 1830mm and ranges in thickness from 3mm to 30mm.