Why Real Estate Professionals Should Project a Professional Image

If you are a real estate professional, you know how important your appearance is to attracting clients.  You want to project the right image when you are showing a client around.  One that’s comfortable without being stuffy, professional but still approachable.  PacSun is an apparel company that makes clothes that many in the real estate business find versatile enough to wear on many occasions.  The company has long been associated with fun in the sun, and not just because of its California beginnings.  After all, the company was born there but raised elsewhere.  In fact, where ever there was a need for casual shorts, tanks and tees, you’d find PacSun filling the bill.  They started out on the beach, but before long they were in the classroom and the real estate office.  Today they sell, Dickies, a brand known best for being in the workroom.

Where ever you take them, you can be sure of having the same comfortable fit that made PacSun so popular when they first hit the market in the 1960’s.  Then they were the preferred clothing of the beach enthusiast and all the fun associated with that era.  From champion surfers to beach boys, PacSun soon had a following that spanned the globe.  Today, they are still one of the premier manufacturers of casual clothes and beach wear, but you’ll find their apparel in the halls of academia or the local brewery.  Their versatile clothing has a solid customer base that now includes women who appreciate the California casual style a well.

Just in time for the holidays, PacSun has teamed up with Groupon to offer exceptional deals on their entire line, site wide.  You can take advantage of extraordinary discounts when you plug in a Groupon code at check out, and save as much as 50% off with free shipping on a qualifying purchase, or even more – 70% off clearance items.  There’s sure to be some great gifts among that category.  You’ll find limited offers, BOBO’s and mark-downs galore.  Plus, plenty of brand new and name brand items to choose for those on your list, or to tick off the list of your own must haves.  Ladies, Kendall & Kylie called.  They want you to take advantage of their smocked cropped tank bikini top and pair it with one of their smocked, high cut bottoms.  You’ll love the way you’ll look in them, and your admirers will, too.

Not everyone’s going over the river and through the woods to see grandma this thanksgiving.  Many are heading to the beach.  The turkey and trimmings taste just as good there was they do in two feet of snow, and you’ll have just as much fun.